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kttk_rating's Journal

The Keys to the Kingdom Rating Community
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Welcome to "The Keys to the Kingdom" rating community! ^_^ I'm your friendly mod (and Trustee of the Architect), Kat (austere_flare) at thy service, sir or mistress. This is a community where you can meet other KttK/Garth Nix fans, get stamped as a particular KttK character, and rate other members as well. Right now, we're currently starting and if you're a KttK fan and interested in finding out who your inner character is, this is the place for you!

But Dame Primus is kinda picky with the membership. ^^; So unfortunately, she has some rules we have to follow. And a form.

1. No flaming, spamming or posting anything that is off-topic, offensive or for mature audiences. If you want to post anything about KttK, be it fanfiction, fanart, etc., the_morrow_days is the place to go. Let's try not to lose any applications underneath random posts.

2. Do NOT bash any character OR user in this community. We all respect everyone's views and opinions about who certain people are most like, and which characters they like. And be nice. ^_^ If I find out you've been a very, very bad Denizen, I will have to send you to the Void of Nothing, or just delete you from the community.

3. Before you post your own application, try to vote on at least two or three previously posted applications first. This is to ensure faster "stampage" of applications and to keep the community alive. Come on, have mercy! We can't let this comm die! XD

4. When you make your application, be as detailed as possible so people can have an easier time deciding which character you're most like. DON'T try to edit your application so you get a character you like. Where's the fun in that? XD
5. And when you vote, type in bold (< b >TEXT< / b > - without the spaces) the name of the character you are rating a particular user as. As much as possible, state why you're voting him/her as that character, and choose only ONE character for that person. Think carefully!

6. After five votes for one character, you will be stamped.

7. Try to promote our community as much as possible. We know there are a lot of KttK fans out there. ^_^ Like you guys.

8. If you don't like the character you've been stamped as, or if you think you're not that character, you are entitled to ONE restamp. Just ONE. And you can only use it ONE WEEK after your initial stamping.

9. We're still open for stamp-making and icon and banner and layout donations. XD Unfortunately, Kat is very bad at making graphics. *nods* You can inquire before or after you have been stamped.

10. Want to affiliate? Type "Affiliate" in your subject line so I can weed out your posts from the rest. Please, please, post ONLY ONCE. If I haven't gotten back to you in a month, comment on MY journal - austere_flare

11. All applications must be behind a cut. (If you don't know how to LJ-cut, here are the tags: < lj-cut="RANDOM TEXT" >YOUR APP HERE< /lj-cut > - no spaces)

12. If you've read all the rules, the subject line of your post should contain something about the Will of the Architect. Now, on we go to the application! This way, please.